Essays On The Creative Mind

These collections of essays were put together while I was completing my self-designed doctorate (my “Self-Doctorate”), during the years 2012-2015.  You may use and cite freely.

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The Ashcan Artists: Dirty Urban Spectators Of Risk And Violence

A Good Critic Is Hard To Find

Unhappy Ghosts: Poetry’s Symbolists

Imagism: The View From A Hundred Years On

Gauguin’s Journals And The Defeat Of The Individual Will

The Hero Code Of William Blake: Exemption From The Morality Of The Worm

The Perpetual Rapture Of Being One’s Self

Doctor Who And The Exercise Of Authority

Confessions Of A Failed Manga Artist

What Is The Purpose Of Poetry?

What Makes Modern Poetry “Modern?”

Film Editor Walter Murch On The Decisive Moment

What If Life Had An Editing Room? …Thoughts Inspired By Walter Murch

Film Editor Walter Murch: On The Edge

Walter Murch On Movies, Dreaming, And The Blink Of An Eye

Nancy Kress On How To Avoid Creating Cardboard Characters

Reassessing The Great Works Of The Past  


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