Essays On The Philosophy Of Science

On Science’s Bias Of Position Over Process

Structure As A Source Of Energy

How Galileo Invented The Universe

Mass & Inertia Are Not Actually Properties Of Matter

It’s ALL Straight Lines and One & Zeroes

Changing Directions? Fine… Just Don’t Call It “Acceleration”

Maybe There’s No Such Thing As “Force”

Mach And The Countdown To Armageddon

The Totally Interconnected Cosmos Of Ernst Mach

Mach Goes Deep: Cause, Effect, And “Economy” In Theory Making

Mach On The Relationship Between Science & Math

Mach: A Model Of The World Is Not The World

Mach On The Very Essence Of Science

Ernst Mach And The Historical Presentation Of Science

We Are Of Starstuff Made

Why Does Distance From A Fulcrum Matter?

Probability Outcomes In Physics: Describing Is Not Understanding

Roadkill On The Information Superhighway

Mass Viewed As A Purely Electrical Phenomenon

Science’s Lone Highlander Speaks

How Glass Made The West Smart, And Diamond Rings Made Us Stupid

What’s The Matter?: Is There Really Any THERE There?

Do The Years Seem To Go By Faster As You Age? Maybe Universe Is Speeding Up

On The Notion That Electricity Holds Atoms Together

Don’t Be So Quick To Dismiss Those Silly Ancient Scientists

Force In Physics: A Dance, Not A Shove

Paulie & Jung: When Quantum Spin Entangles With The Collective Unconsciousness

The Evolving View Of The Universe

May The Mass-Times-Acceleration Be With You

What’s The Charge? What Do We REALLY Know About Electric Charge?

What’s The Matter?: Pursuit Of The Ultimate

Life As Information Exchange

Do Complex, Non-Random Patterns Prove God Exists?

The Thermodynamic Lifestyle Choice: Do Unto Others– FIRST!

God’s Prime Directive And The Slip-Slidin’ Fun-Ride To Death

Not Knowing Quantum Physics Doesn’t Make Me An Idiot

Born & Einstein & Politics

Max Born & Albert Einstein: Taking It Personal

Audio Only Feynman? Not So Fine, Man


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