Essays On The Governments Of China In Modern Times

China Today: Post-Confucian, Post-Mao, Post-Communist

Third Generation Rulers And Recent Dissidents In China

Deng Xiaoping And Tiananmen Square

Deng Xiaoping’s Capitalist Counter-Revolution In China

Permanent Revolution: The Rise & Ruthlessness Of Chairman Mao

China Under Chang Kai-Shek

China Goes Red: The Forgotten Chen Duxiu And The Founding Of Chinese Communist Party

China’s May Fourth Incident (Or, Another Reason The Treaty Of Versailles Was The Worst Treaty EVER)

Liang Qichao, Yan Fu, and China’s Post-WWI disenchantment With The West

The Transition Of China From Dynasty Rule To Republic, 1912

China Stumbles: Opium Wars, Taiping, and Boxer Rebellions

China In The 19th and 20th Centuries: The Time Of Writhing

The Great Firewall Of China

How Chairman Mao’s Wife Ended-Up Hanged In A Prison Cell

The Kidnapping Of Chiang Kai-Shek: How One Man Can Change History

How Mao’s Thought Reform Worked

China’s Squirrely Path To Modernity


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