Essays On Science Fiction Stories

Hugh Howey’s WOOL: Great Idea For A Short-Story, But A Flawed Novel

The Best Short Stories Of J.G. Ballard

J.G. Ballard: Style & Themes, 1956 – 1969

Harlan Ellison’s Best Stories: The Dirty Dozen

The Anthologized Harlan Ellison: History Actually Gets It Right

The Difference Engine: Creative, But Not Emotionally Engaging

Jack Finney’s Time And Again: What If Time Travel Was All In Your Head?

The Three Best Short Stories Of Frederik Pohl

The Wit & Wisdom Of Frederik Pohl: Philosopher & Funnyman

Frederik Pohl Keeps Upping The Tension In The Merchants Of Venus

Zelazny’s Permafrost Is An Excellent Tale

Symbols Of Troubled Souls: On The Plethora Of Young Adult Fiction Dystopias

Katniss: Awesome Heroine Of The Hunger Games

The Real Hunger Games: Tyranny In Our Own World

The Hunger Games: Every Bit As “Important” As Animal Farm

Snowpiercer: Exploring The World-As-Train Metaphor

The Confluence Of Novels, Movies, and Manga

Manhattan Projects: Ugly, Violent, And Not As Smart As You’d Think

Saga: Star-Crossed Lovers Fleeing Galactic Pursuers, Changing Diapers

Halo: Cryptum… Beware Books Based Upon Video Games


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