Essays On Pre-Modern Literature

Is America Trapped In “The Battle Of Hiadning?”

Younger Edda: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

The Story Of Sigurd, Brynhild, & Gudrun

Cracking The Kenning Code Of Iceland’s Skaldic Poetry

On Style In Writing

Reading The Classical Dramas In The Best Order

Some Brief Remarks Upon Cicero’s Style

Sallust’s Caesar

The Satires Of Juvenal… Not So Bad Really

Seneca’s Medea: Hell Hath No Fury…

Third-Tier Shakespeare

Shakespearian Comedy: Stop, Stop! You’re Killing Me! (Torturously)

Love’s Labour’s Lost’s Humor Lost On Me

The Play Of Masks Unites Us

Schiller’s Wallenstein And The Freedom In Necessity

The Misanthrope: Moliere’s Best Play

Moliere’s Tartuffe: 17th Century Sitcom

Moliere’s Imaginary Invalid: 17th Century “Meta”


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