Essays On Mathematics

Innovations In Mathematics

The Story Behind The Sine

Archimedes: Straightening Out Circle Math

Math Without Numbers: Geometry In Ancient Greece

Calculus’s Infinitesimal Problem… Not So Small After All

Who Invented Calculus? Hint: It Wasn’t Newton Or Leibniz

Calculus: Maximum & Minimum Explained

Deriving The Derivative

Squaring The Circle

Professor Starbird (2/3rds) Delivers Deeper Math Comprehension

Reading Descartes’s La Geometrie: A Humbling Experience

A World Without A (Decimal) Point

Fermat’s Last Theorem– And Exo-Planets!

How America Can Thank Leibniz For King George III

So This One Time I Invented My Own Math…

Some Historical Developments In Mathematics

Mathematics: A Thumbnail History

The War That Yawned: Newton vs Leibniz


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