Essays On History

Greece & Persia At War: The Persian Version

Monks v Friars!

Venice: Empire Of The Sea

So Did Marco Polo Really Exist?

The Slow Death Of The Ottoman Empire

The Connection Between Ferdinand & Isabella And The King James Bible

Facts About Istanbul

Do We Really Know What Caused The Black Death?

The Debt of Russia’s 1917 Revolution To It’s Revolution Of 1905

The Garden Of NOW

The 100-Year Wrong Turn Of The East

Machiavelli’s Fall To The Top

Crushing and Gushing On Queen Bess

Six Ways To Undermine Your Own Authority

Beware Making The Frustrated Revolution

Student Loans Viewed As Pre-Revolutionary Debt Bondage

The CIA During The Cold War

The Origin Of The CIA Mindset

How James Madison Taught Me To Work A Committee & Win A Debate

A Nice Primer For What Readers & Writers Need To Know About Victorian England

Is History Bunk?

Legends Of Persia From The Century Before Meeting The 300

President Polk: Our Greatest Ignored President

Only Thirty Years? Felt Longer. Highlights From History’s Boringest War

Time Of Troubles: Irish Terrorism In The Big Picture

Young King Hal… Rockstar Royal

Virtues In Ancient Greece: Homicide, Fascism, Brutality, & Betrayal

Transcending The Nation-State

Why We Can Blame England For The Nation-State

Whyfore The Nation-State?

1848: Year Of Revolutions

The Revolutionary Year Of 1848

Thomas Jefferson, Power, & The Art Of Misnomer

Stephen Fry: First Rate Mind, Second Rate Memoir

Keith Richards: Advice For A Rockin’ Life

Keith Richards’ Jukebox

Death Be Not Proud– I’m Not… Why I’m No Samurai

Japan: A True Or False Quiz

Martin Luther And The SECOND Creation Of The World


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