Essays On Fantasy Stories

Charlemagne And The Dangerous Female

Haggard’s She: World’s Most Underappreciated Adventure Novel

The Style Of George R.R. Martin Critiqued

On The Greatness Of J.K. Rowling

Rothfuss’s The Name Of The Wind: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Maguire’s Wicked: Mired By An Unengaging Beginning (For This Reader, Anyhow)

Holly Black’s Tithe: Teen Guilty Pleasure– But Is It Worthy Of Childrens’ Books Awards?

The Once And Future Bore

Yesterday’s Literary Triumph Is Today’s Yawner

Change World Lenses Awhile With The Phantom Tollbooth

A Response To Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince

Spiderwick Chronicles: Good Ethical Choices Exhibited, But Unfulfilling Narrative

Goodnight Moon: Comfy Rhymes & Artwork Like Van Gogh For Kids

Online Comics: Heroes

Hub’s Ronin Story, “Okko”: Lovely Fun

New Avengers: Everything Dies– Except The Amazing Artwork

Batwoman Rises To The Top Tier Of Superhero Comics


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