Essays On Atomic Physics

The Birth, Life, & Ultimate Demise Of The Suitcase Atom

The Religion Of The Quantum

Straightening Out Angular Momentum

The Real Story Of The Uncertainty Principle

Quantum Spins & Leaps Explained In 1,000 Words Or Less

The Hammering Shield Theory Of Charge, Electricity, and Molecule-Forming

Schrodinger On The Possible Breakdown Of Physics Inside The Atom

Schrodinger’s Wave Theory Of Matter

Einstein’s Unfairly Dismissed Ensemble-Wave Theory

The Old Erroneous Paradigm Of Atomic Orbits & Spin… What? Didn’t You Get The Memo?

My Final Post Ever On The Fallacy Of Electron “Spin”

Quantum Numbers: A Skeptic’s Sketch Of Their Development

An “Atomic Particle” — or a Statistical Mean?

The Sub-Atomic World: Land Of Make-Believe

Electron Spin: No, Silly, It’s Not Actually Rotation– Except When It Is

The Invention Of Valency Electrons


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