Marx & Lenin Home Page

Young Marx: Invisible Hand Of Capitalism Becomes Invisible Fist Of Revolution

Young Marx: Shame Is Already A Revolution

Young Marx: Class Warfare & The Manipulation Of Morality

Young Marx: No Real Reform Can Come Through Government

Young Marx: Revolution Comes When Economic Power Disaligns With Political Power

Young Marx: Our Possessions Can Possess Us

Young Marx: How The Division Of Labor Leads To Different Consciousnesses

Young Marx On Man’s Alienation From Himself

Young Marx On How The Workplace Alters Humanity

Young Marx: Social Critic At Large

Young Marx: Seek Dignity In Your Job

Marx’s View Of On The Alienation Of The Modern Worker

When Capitalism Is Bad For The Capitalists

Engels Without Marx

Lenin Credited WWI With Accelerating Revolutionary History

Lenin’s Warning To Finance-Capitalism: A Hundred Years’ Notice

Lenin’s Take On Marx’s Proletarian Revolution

Lenin On Democratic Imperialism

Lenin: Transcending Democracy

Lenin’s 10 Excuses For Welcoming Back The Bourgeois-Capitalist

Lenin’s Playbook

How Lenin Tailored Marxist Theory To Fit The Russian Revolutionary Situation


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