The Real Significance Of The Number Of The Beast


People seem to find the Bible’s “Number Of The Beast” intriguing, and they’ve spent century upon century attempting to discover its deeper significance.

In the Book Of Revelations, the False Prophet causes men to be marked in either the right hand or in the forehead with the Mark Of The Beast. This Mark is also called the Name of the Beast, as well as the Number Of The Beast.

Personally, after studying the Book Of Revelations for myself, I came to the conclusion that the Number represents nothing more than a cool-looking collection of numbers.

The Number Of The Beast, as many people will recall, is “666.”  But as written in the Roman Numerals of the day, this number would appear as “DCLXVI.”  The Roman Numeral system was NOT a place-value system.  So, to write a big number, those using Roman numerals had to write several smaller numbers together, and the reader was expected to add them up to get the number intended.

For example, in this case, to write the relatively large number of “666,” the Romans had to write:  500 + 100 + 50 + 10 + 5 + 1, which in the notation of the time and place was “DCLXVI.”

This fact makes me think that the author of Revelations chose that particular number because it was simply cool-looking to list the numbers in descending order.  Also, it gives the feeling of a countdown.

I am very doubtful that there is anything else behind why that particular number was chosen.  The Bible never explains the Number Of The Beast at all.

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