Once upon a time there was fashioned in God’s Creation a Bottomless Pit. And the key to this Bottomless Pit was placed inside a Star.

And into this Bottomless Pit were placed Locust-Swarms Of Scorpion-Men, who have the tails of scorpions and the sharp teeth of lions, but with the faces of men and the long flowing hair of women. They have powerful wings which sound as thundering chariots when they flap, and they wear golden crowns and iron breastplates.

Placed also in the Bottomless Pit, to rule over the Locust-Swarms Of Scorpion-Men, is the Scorpion King. The Scorpion King is called The Angel Of The Bottomless Pit, and he goes by the name Apollyon in the Greek language, but is called Abaddon in the Hebrew tongue.

One day the Scorpion King and his locust-swarming Scorpion-Men will be unleashed by God upon the world to destroy all men but the Chosen, who are protected by God from the Scorpion-Men by the means of a Seal placed upon their foreheads.

At some time after the Scorpion King and his minions were placed within the Bottomless Pit, there was begun a War In Heaven… The Archangel Michael led a host of Angels against the Red Dragon and his Angels. The Dragon, is also known as Satan and as the Devil.

There was also in Heaven a pregnant woman, clothed with the Sun, and with the Moon under her feet, and on her head, a crown of Twelve Stars. This Heavenly Mother was crying out and travailing with birth pains. The Son Of The Heavenly Mother will one day rule all nations with a Rod Of Iron. [Perhaps the Red Dragon hates her for this, for he can stand no one above him; or perhaps she uses her powers against him or at least does not succuor him in his hour need; we are not told, and can only guess and imagine].

The Red Dragon has Seven Heads and Seven Crowns and Ten Horns. With his great tail, he casts down a third-part of the Stars, and makes ready to devour the Heavenly Mother’s Son as soon as it is born. But at the moment of its birth, the Son is caught up and brought to God and His Heavenly Throne.

All around the Heavenly Throne of God is clear crystal, similar to a sea of glass. And also a Rainbow rises over the Throne, sparkling like an emerald.

The Throne Of Heaven is surrounded by twenty-four seats. And in the twenty-four seats sit the Twenty-Four Elders, each dressed in white and wearing a golden crown. The Twenty-Four Elders have every one of them Harps, and also Golden Vials full of aromas which are the Prayers Of The Saints.

Near the throne wait the Four Beasts Of The Throne-Room. The First Beast is like a Lion, the Second like a Calf. The Third Beast is like unto a Man, and the Fourth resembles an Eagle. All have six wings, and all are covered with eyes in front and back, including the six wings, and these eyes rest not, neither by night nor by day.

Seven Lamps also burn before the Throne, and these were the Seven Spirits Of God. [These are likely the Seven Angels which will inspire the Seven Churches of the Earth, but if this is so, we are not told that this is so].

Sitting on the Heavenly Throne, Scroll in his right hand, is He With The Scroll. The Scroll is the Book Of The Seven Seals, and it is written on front and on back, and is sealed seven times by seals.

A strong Angel near the Throne is proclaiming loudly: Who is worthy to loose the Seven Seals?

Meanwhile, Michael and his Heavenly Host have been able to achieve their victory over Satan the Red Dragon by the use of a special weapon,The Blood Of The Lamb. [This weapon may have been obtained in the Spiritual Plane by means of the Cruxificion of Christ in the Space and Time of the Earthly Plane; but if so, we are not told of this].

After his defeat, Satan is cast out of Heaven and unto the Earth.

And a voice proclaims from Heaven… Woe to the Earth that the Dragon was cast-out of Heaven unto it, for he– who is Satan– has great wrath, knowing that he hath by a short time.

The Heavenly Mother has meanwhile left Heaven [perhaps fleeing Satan’s forces], and she arrives in the Wilderness and is reunited safely with her child.

The Heavenly Mother lives with her Son in the Wilderness for three-and-a-half years. During all this time, the cast-out Red Dragon continues to persecute her. He releases from his mouth a flood of water to drown the Woman, but the Earth opens up and swallows the water and protects her. The Woman also has the ability to grow two great eagle wings, which she uses to take flight and return to her and her child’s place in the Wilderness.

Even later, the Red Dragon will continue to persecute the remnant of the Heavenly Mother’s seed– that is, all her descendants who keep the Commandments Of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. [Later, perhaps, Satan succeeds in driving the Woman to his side, after which time she is known as the Scarlet Woman.  But if such is the case, we are not told of it, and we can only hypothesize and surmise].

For three-and-a-half years [perhaps the same three-and-half years in which the Heavenly Mother lives in the Wilderness with her Son, though this is not told], Two Prophets in Sackcloth go forth with the power of prophecy.

The Two Prophets In Sackcloth are as two Olive Trees bearing fruit, or as two Candlesticks shedding light. In order to defend themselves against those on Earth who would hurt them, the Two Prophets are given the power to shoot fire from their mouths, and the ability to unleash plagues, and the knowledge to turn water into blood. They are also able to cause drought throughout the land. The people hate the Two Prophets In Sackcloth, for their prophesies and powers bring the people much torment.

In the Heavenly Plane, for three-and-a-half years [perhaps the same three-and-a-half years in which the Heavenly Mother is persecuted by the Red Dragon, and during which the Two Prophets In Sackcloth declare their prophesies to an unwelcoming people], the Courtyard of the Heavenly Temple will be allowed to be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles. John The Revelator, who has been assigned the task of measuring the Heavenly Temple with a long reed like a rod, is thus told not to bother measuring the Courtyard. But he is allowed to visit the inside of the Temple, and when the Temple opens up to him, there is lightning and thunder and hail, and an earthquake and the calling-out of voices. And inside the Heavenly Temple, John finds the Ark Of The Covenant.

At the end of the period of three-and-a-half years, the Two Prophets In Sackcloth are killed by the people, and their bodies lie in the street for three-and-a-half days. In the Spiritual Plane, this street runs through the city called Sodom, which is also called Egypt.

The people on the Earthly Plane rejoice over the bodies of the Two Prophets In Sackcloth, but after three-and-a-half days, the Spirit Of Life enters into them, and they stand, and the people are sore afraid, and a Great Voice From Heaven calls-out, Come up hither, and the Two Prophets ascend in a cloud, as one tenth of the city is destroyed by Earthquake.

And the Son Of Man, also known as Jesus Christ, grows displeased with his Seven Churches, and comes in a vision to John The Revelator, and bids him, Write these things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter.

John learns that the Seven Churches are as Seven Angels of the Lord– each Church, meaning each Angel, with a name… Oh listen, Ephesus! Oh hearken, dear Smyrna! Oh, hear well, Pergamos and Thyatira and Sardis! Oh, pay heed, also, struggling Philadelphia and Laodicea.

The Seven Churches, the Seven Angels who bear the Lord’s message– they shall burn like Seven Candlesticks glowing goldly. Oh, light the way, flickering Churches, fiery Angels, burning Candlesticks!

And dear Churches, remember… To live for the moment is to die for eternity, but to die for faith is to die for Life. If thou must die, bring down a Living Death, a meaningful Death, a Life-Giving Death. Be thou as Antipas, the Lord’s faithful martyr who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

Oh Church of Ephesus, saith the Son Of Man, hate thou Nicolaitanes as I hate Nicolaitanes. All followers of hated Nicolaitanes must repent– repent, or else I will come to thee and curse thee with the sword of my mouth.

Ephesus, you have done some good, but thou has left the first love and have fallen. Repent and do the first works.

Be like Church of Pergamos, who is good, or like unto the Church of Smyrna, Smyrna whom I have given a Crown Of Life. But be not like Smyrna when she is as the “Synagogue Of Satan,” when she is filled with those who claim to follow the Law Of Moses, but do not. Oh, Smyrna, I know thy works, and I know thy tribulations and thy poverty.

And be not like the Church of Pergamos, who has there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam– Balaam who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the Children Of Israel.  Lift up and encourage the Children Of Israel, Pergamos– lead as an Angel leads, light the way as a Candlestick lights the way. Be not as a stumbling block to the Children. Make way for the Children, make way kindly and with wisdom and with faith.

Oh, Church of Thyatira, be warned of Jezebel, the self-called Prophetess, who does seduce my servants to commit fornication. I will kill the offspring of the whore Jezebel.

And Sardis, my disappointing Church, I know thy works, and though thou hast a name as if thou livest, thou art dead. I will come as a thief in the night unto you, and you will not know the hour.

Dear Church of Philadelphia, fear not– I will keep thee from The Hour Of Temptation which will come all over the world.

Church of Laodicea, I end with you. You are “the Amen,” to my sermon. You are the faithful and true witness of my Love. However, tepid are your waters. It were better that you runneth hot or cold. I will spew thee out of my mouth for being tepid.

Do not think I no longer love you, my dear Seven Angels, my glowing Seven Candlesticks. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. I knock at the door, but a door which opens only from the inside. I knock. I knock patiently. Wilt thou answer me?

And John The Revelator is taken into the Wilderness of the Earthly Plane where he is shown a female known now as the Scarlet Woman. [Could it be this was once, before her long torment and persecution by the Red Dragon, the Heavenly Mother, who has now been turned to Satan’s side? We cannot know, for this is not spoken of to John The Revelator].

The Scarlet Woman is arrayed in purple and in deep, rich red, and she wears gold and precious stones and pearls, and has in her hand a golden cup full of Abominations and of the Filthiness of her fornication. She sits upon a Scarlet Beast [which may well be the Red Dragon, Satan, though if so, this is not revealed to John]. The Scarlet Beast has Ten Horns and has Seven Heads covered with the names of Blasphemy. And John The Revelator is told that the Seven Heads are the Seven Hills Of Rome, and the Scarlet Woman sits upon these. And also these are the Seven Kings, of which five have already fallen, and one now rules, and one is not yet come. John is told that there will also be an Eighth King, and the Eighth King will be the Scarlet Beast.

And there now arises from the Sea, a Beast who, like the Scarlet Beast, has Ten Horns and Seven Heads covered with the name of Blasphemy. However, the Beast From The Sea also has upon each Horn a Crown. And the Ten Crowns spread among the Ten Horns represent the Ten Kings who rule for their hour with the Beast.

The Beast From The Sea is like unto a leopard, but with the mouth of a lion and the feet of a bear. And he possesses this strange power– that whenever one of his Seven Heads is severed, it will grow back.

The world comes to worship the Beast From The Sea and his partner, the Red Dragon [who, although John The Revelator is never told this, may be well thought to be the Scarlet Beast and also be the Devil, called Satan, so long-ago cast out of Heaven and unto the Earth]. The Red Dragon gives his great power and authority to the Beast From The Sea, and so the Beast is able to make war against the Saints and to rule over all nations and all languages. Only those whose names are written in the Book Of Life Of The Lamb do not worship the Beast From The Sea.

Another beast now arises, the Beast From The Earth. And although it has two horns like a lamb, it speaks like a dragon, and is a False Prophet. He causes all who dwell in the World to worship the Beast From The Sea, who continues using the awful power of the Red Dragon, Satan, as his own.

As long as he remains in sight of The Beast From The Sea, The Beast From the Earth can bring down fire from the sky and do great wonders, but, being a False Prophet, uses his miracles not to heal or enlighten, but to deceive.

This False Prophet instructs the people to make an Image Of The Beast From The Sea, and unto this Image Of The Beast, the False Prophet gives life and the power to speak and the ability to kill anyone who does not worship it.

Also, the False Prophet– that lying Beast From The Earth– marks all men in either the right hand or in the forehead with the Mark Of The Beast From The Sea, and this mark is also the Name of the Beast, and is also called the Number Of The Beast.

The Number Of The Beast gives the same value as the ordering of the Roman Numerals in descending order, down from 500, which would read “DCLXVI,” or “500 + 100 + 50 + 10 + 5 + 1,” which equals 666. [In this way, the Number Of The Beast may represent a countdown, or merely an aesthetically pleasing order of numerals, but which of these, if either, is not told to John The Revelator].

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Woman, on whose forehead is now scrawled, “Mystery, Babylon The Great, the Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth,” is drunk with the blood of the Saints and of the Martyrs, and ecstatically rides the back of the Scarlet Beast– the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is, and which is destined to be placed into the Bottomless Pit — and to emerge even from there– before being tossed forevermore into the eternal perdition of the Lake Of Fire.

But for now, the Scarlet Beast carries on his back the Scarlet Woman, and the Scarlet Woman reigns supreme over the Kings of the Earth, and is hated by the Ten Kings (those same Ten Kings represented by the Ten Crowned-Heads of the Beast From The Sea), who at last make war upon her, and defeat her [perhaps aided by the treachery of the Scarlet Beast, that great Devil, Satan– though no such thing is told to John The Revelator], and they burn her with fire and eat of her flesh. [And perhaps in this is her purging and her salvation, and perhaps the Heavenly Mother who became the Scarlet Woman will now, after all her trials and tribulations and sins and punishments, reascend to Heaven, purified, and become worthy to be called the Bride Of The Lamb– but of this– nothing, no nothing, is spoken unto John The Revelator].

And an Angel proclaims, Babylon has fallen, is fallen, that Great City, because she made all nations drink of the Wine Of The Wrath Of Her Fornication.

An another Angel descends, lighting the Earth with his glory as he comes, and he declares that Babylon has fallen, and that it is now peopled with devils and foul spirits and unclean and hateful birds, and its merchandies lies unsold.

Yet another Angel takes up a rock as big as a millstone and tosses it into the Sea, exclaiming– Thus to Babylon!

But the Ten Kings are not at all sated by their destruction of the Scarlet Woman, and they make war upon The Lamb, Himself, who is also known as the Son Of Man. The Lamb has been slain from the foundation of the World. But His time now approacheth.

An Angel flies up from the East holding the Seal Of The Living God, and he instructs four other Angels to fly to the four corners of the Earth and to hold back the winds until the Chosen of God can have placed in their foreheads the Seal Of God. Only 144,000 servants of the Lord are destined to receive such a Seal, representing 12,000 from each of the Twelve Tribes Of Judah.

And The Lamb appears at the summit of Mount Zion, and with him, the Army Of The Lamb, those 144,000 Chosen who have been marked with the Seal Of God in their foreheads. None of these Chosen, known also as The Faithful, have been defiled by women, and their mouths are without guile. They stand without fault before the Throne Of God. These 144,000 are the only ones who can hear the New Song which is sung by the Harpers Harping With Their Harps.

And it is declared that those who overcome will become as pillars in the Temple Of God. And upon each Overcomer will be will be written the Name Of God and the Name Of God’s City, the New Jerusalem, which will come down out of Heaven, when there will also be declared then, the Lord’s New Name.

And to him who overcometh, sayeth the Lamb, I will give to eat of the Hidden Manna. And unto the same I will give a White Stone, inside of which is written a New Name— which no other man will know except the receiver of the Stone. And I will give him also the Morning Star.

And more even than this– the Overcomers will see the Tree Of Life, which dwells in the midst of the Paradise of God. And the Overcomers will not have their name blotted out from The Book Of Life, in which are written all the names of those are are to be Saved from being cast into the Lake Of Fire. Those whose names are written in the Book Of Life will be allowed to live in the New Jerusalem.

All this I bestow upon the Overcomers.

And an Angel flies forth from the Heavenly Temple, preaching and declaring, The Hour Of His Judgment is come!

And another Angel appears, proclaiming that anyone who worships the Beast From The Sea of the Image Of The Beast– or who has received the Number Of The Beast in his hand or forehead– shall drink the Wine Of The Wrath Of God, which will be poured into the Cup Of Indignation. These followers of the Beast will suffer torment by Fire and Brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angel and of the Lamb.

And from the Altar Of The Martyrs in Heaven emerges an Angel with power over fire. And from the Heavenly Temple emerges an Angel wielding a Sickle. And at the bidding of the Angel From The Altar, the Angel With The Sickle thrusts forth his Sickle and the vine of Earth is gathered and cast into the Winepress Of The Wrath Of God, and the Winepress is trodden and blood issues forth, rising as high as the bridle of a horse.

And the Son Of Man –The Lamb, Jesus Christ– is now seen on a White Cloud. He is wearing a golden crown and is gird in gold. And he cometh with clouds down to Earth and with garments down to his feet. His hair is white, and his skin glows like the Sun, and his eyes burn like fire, and his feet are like furnace-burned brass, and his voice flows froth with the sound of many waters. And from his mouth issues a sharp, double-edged sword. In his right hand he holds forth the Seven Stars, and in his other, the Key Of Hell and the Key Of Death.

And taking hold his great Sickle, he proclaims, I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the Beginning and the End.

And the Angel from the Heavenly Temple bids him in a loud voice… Thrust Thy Sickle, and reap. For the time has come for Thee to reap, for the harvest of the Earth is ripe!

And the Son Of Man thrusts out his Sickle, and the Earth is reaped.

The Ten Kings are utterly defeated by the Lamb, and an Angel cries with a loud voice to all the flesh-eating fowls of the Earth that they should gather themselves for the eathing of the flesh of Kings and of captains and of horses, and of men great and small.

And the False Prophet and the Beast From The Sea are seized, and both are cast alive into the Lake Of Fire burning with Brimstone.

And the Overcomers stand over the fallen Image Of The Beast, and– standing upon that which is like unto a sea of glass mingled with fire– gaze down into the Lake Of Fire at the Beast From The Sea, and they hold in their hands the Harps Of God.

And at the sounding of a Horn, the Star containing the Key To The Bottomless Pit now falls and opens-up, and the awful Pit opens and pours out smoke and blots out the remainder of the Sun, and blots out the air as well, and the Scorpion King is released and his Locust-Swarms Of Scorpion-Men pour forth with the smoke. And all but the Chosen, who are protected by God’s seal, are for five months attacked by the swarming Scorpion-Men.

And at the sounding of another Horn, a voice comes from the Altar Of The Martyrs and instructs the Angel blowing the Horn to let loose the Four Angels Of The River Euphrates, and these four Angels slay one-third of the population of men, with the first Angel slaying for an hour, the second for a day, the third for a month, and the fourth for a year.

And during this time also, two hundred million horsemen, wearing breatplates of fire and jacinth and brimstone, charge over the Earth, riding fearsome horses possessing the heads of lions and breathing fire and smoke and brimstone, and having tails like serpents that do hurt.

Then the Heavens open and a Rider On A White Horse emerges with a sharp sword in his mouth. The Rider is called, Faithful-And-True. And he is also called The Word Of God, and on his vesture and on his thigh is written, “King Of Kings, and Lord Of Lords”– but he also possesses a name written which no man knows but himself. [And it may be that he is the Son of the Heavenly Mother, destined to rule the world with a Rod Of Iron… but if this is so, it is not told to John The Revelator].

The Rider On The White Horse judges, and he makes war. He has eyes of flame and many crowns on his head. His vesture is dipped in blood, and he is followed by the Armies Of Heaven, who wear white linen and ride white horses also.

The Rider On The White Horse slays the remnant of the followers of the Beast From The Sea, and the fowls are filled with their flesh. He treads the Winepress Of The Wrath Of God, and rules the nations with a Rod Of Iron.

A trumpet now sounds and hail rains down upon the Earth, and also there falls fire mingled with blood, and this bloody fire burns down a third of the World’s trees and consumes all of the grass.

And at the sounding of another trumpet, a great mountain of fire is cast into the Sea, and a third-part of the Sea becomes blood, and a third-part of all the creatures of the Sea die, and a third-part of the ships upon the Sea are destroyed.

When another trumpet is heard (there are Seven Angels who, holding one a piece, blow Seven Trumpets), the great Star called Wormwood falls from the Heavens, and a third-part of the World’s rivers and fountains turns into wormwood, and many men die from the bitter waters.

When yet another trumpet is blown, a third-part of the stars darken, as well as a third-part of the Moon and one-third of the Sun.

And He holding the Book Of The Seven Seals remains seated on the Heavenly Throne, and the Strong Angel continues proclaiming loudly, Who is worthy to loose the Seven Seals?

And John The Revelator weeps much, for no man is found worthy to open and read the book, neither to look thereon.

But The Lamb then appears there in the Throne-Room, standing as he had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are also the Seven Spirits Of God sent forth into all the Earth.

The Lamb comes and takes the Scroll of the Seven Seals out of the right hand of Him With The Scroll, and one of the Twenty-Four Elders says unto John The Revelator, Weep not.  Behold the Lion of the Tribe Of Judah, the Root Of David. The Lion, which is also the Lamb, hath prevailed to open the Book and to loose the Seven Seals thereof.

When the First Seal is opened by the Lamb, there is the noise of thunder, and the Lion-Beast turns to John The Revelator and says, Come and see.

And John beholds a White Horse, ridden by the First Horseman, a man wearing a crown and carrying an arrow-bow. This rider goes forth as a great conqueror.

When the Lamb opens the Second Seal, the Calf-Beast turns to John and says, Come and see.

And the Second Horseman appears. He is a rider upon an Red Horse, and he carries a great sword, and possesses the power to drive Peace from the hearts of men so that the people set upon themselves, murdering their own kind.

At the Lamb’s opening of the Third Seal, the Man-Beast says to John, Come and see.

And there appears a rider on a Black Horse. This rider, the Third Horseman, carries in his hand a set of balances for weighing.

When the Fourth Seal is opened by the Lamb, the Eagle-Beast instructs John, Come and see.

And John sees the Fourth Horseman on a Pale Horse appears, and Death is the rider. The Fourth Horseman goes forth killing with hunger and with beasts, and with his sword as well, and he is followed by Hell.

[These four riders will come to be known to men as The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.]

When the Lamb breaks the Fifth Seal, John sees for the first time, himself, the Altar Of The Martyrs, and below the Altar where are the souls of all those who were slain for the Word Of God.

At the breaking of the Sixth Seal, the Sun goes black and the Moon turns red as blood, and the Stars fall from the sky, and the Heavens roll-up like a scroll, and there are earthquakes, and the mountains and the islands are moved from their places, and even great men must resort to hiding in dens due to the awful calamities.

The Angel Of The Altar Of The Martyrs stands holding a Golden Censer, and the puffs of smoke issuing from the incense of this Censer are the Prayers of the Saints.

But when the Seventh Seal is broken by the Lamb, there is a great silence in Heaven, and an Angel seizes the Golden Censer and fills it with fire from the Altar Of The Martyrs and casts it down to Earth, where there is then heard thunder and lightning and voices and earthquakes.

A voice then proclaims, The great day of His wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?

And an Angel soars through the air, crying-out, Woe, woe, woe!

The Heavenly Temple –which holds the Ark Of The Covenant and so is also called The Temple Of The Tabernacle Of The Testimony— opens and Seven Angels emerge, dressed in white linen and girded in gold around their chests. The Heavenly Temple then fills with smoke, and one of the Four Beasts Of The Throne-Room gives unto each of the Seven Angels a vial, the Seven Vials Of God’s Wrath. These are Seven Angels who hold the Seven Last Plagues. [They may very well be also the Seven Spirits Of God burning as the Seven Lamps around the Throne Of God, and they be the same Seven Angels who are the Seven Churches, as well as being the Seven Angels who blow the Seven Trumpets at the End Of Days– but of any of this, true or untrue, John The Revelator is not told].

And now a voice from the Heavenly Temple orders the Seven Angels to pour out their Vials…

When the Angel releases the First Vial, there fall noisome and grievous sores on those who bore the Mark Of The Beast or who had worshipped the Image Of The Beast.

When the Second Angel releases the contents of the Second Vial, it falls upon the Sea, and the Sea becomes as the blood of a dead man, and every living soul in the Sea dies.

The Third Vial is released upon the rivers and fountains of the Earth, turning them into blood.

The contents of the Fourth Vial fall upon the Sun, and the Sun begins to scorch men with fire.

The Fifth Vial is poured upon the seat of the Beast, and his kingdom becomes full of darkness and his followers gnaw their tongues for pain of sores, but repent not.

The Sixth Angel releases the Sixth Vial‘s contents upon the River Euphrates and its waters dry up.

And when the contents of the Seventh Vial are released, a great voice issues from the Throne and from the Heavenly Temple saying, It is done.

And there were voices and thunder and lightning.

An Angel then comes down from Heaven in a cloud. His face glows as the Sun, and over his head is a Rainbow, and his feet burn as pillars of fire. The Rainbow Angel straddles the Earth easily. With one foot on the Sea and one foot on land, he holds a book open in his hand, and when he speaks, his voice is of the roar of seven thunders. He lifts his hand and declares that when the Final Trumpet sounds, the Seventh, there will be no more Time, and the Mystery Of God shall be finished.

But beyond these words, we are forbidden to know, for John The Revelator is ordered by a Voice From Heaven not to reveal What The Thunder Said— that is, not to relate in any more detail the revelations of the Rainbow Angel, whose voice is like the sound of seven thunders.

And when the Seventh and Final Trumpet sounds, great voices in Heaven proclaim that the Kingdoms of this World are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ.

The Twenty-Four Elders, dressed in their white garments and wearing their golden crowns, then fall down on their faces in the Throne-Room and worship God, declaring their thanks that God has come, and that his wrath is come, and that the Time Of The Dead and the Judgment Of The Dead is come, with its doling-out of rewards and punishments.

And now the Sea gives up its dead, and Hell gives up its dead, and Death gives up all his dead, and every man is judged according to his works.

The Dead, great and small, stand before God, who sits on his Great White Throne, with the Heavens and Earth flying from His face, and The Books are opened. These are The Books in which are written the things by which the Dead are to be judged.

The Angel with a golden reed for measuring comes to John The Revelator, and takes him away in the spirit to a high mountain, and here John sees New Jerusalem descending from God out of Heaven, prepared as a Bride, and also called The Lamb’s Bride [who may also once have been the Heavenly Mother and the Scarlet Woman, for we understand not how that non-linear, non-Earthly mode of Time works in Heaven, if indeed Heaven is within Time at all].

New Jerusalem is a city of gold, with walls are of jasper and structures like clear glass. The foundations of its buildings are of precious gems. It is like a precious stone which is crystal clear and is full of light.

The walls of New Jerusalem are great and high, with twelve gates, and at each gate an Angel. All the gates are marked with the names of the Twelve Tribes of the Children Of Israel, and each gate has a pearl. And the twelve foundations of the walls have the names of the Twelve Apostles.

John The Revelator then sees, coming from the Throne Of God, the River Of The Water Of Life, clear as crystal. And the Angel with a golden reed for measuring points-out to John the Tree Of Life, which is in the midst of the River Of The Water Of Life and hanging over either side. The Tree Of Life bears twelve different fruits– a different fruit for each month, and the leaves of the Tree are for the healing of the nations.

In New Jerusalem there is no temple, for God and the Lamb are the Temple. New Jerusalem needs neither sun nor moon, for it is lit by the glory of God and by the light of the Lamb. A great voice declares that the Tabernacle Of God is now with men, and God will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

And those who followed God’s Commandments are allowed to partake of the Tree Of Life, and they may enter through the gates of New Jerusalem. But outside New Jerusalem, there are left sorcerers and whoremongers and murderers and idolators and whosever loveth and maketh a lie.

And The Spirit and The Bride says, Let him who heareth come. And let him who is a-thirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the Water Of Life freely.

Those who have been Saved then walk in New Jerusalem, and the gates of it are not shutteth at all by day, for there is no night there. And God wipes away all tears from their eyes, and there is no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither is there any more pain.

And there is no more curse, and they see His face, and His name is in their foreheads. And there is no night and no need of candle nor of the light of the Sun, for the Lord God giveth them light. And they shall reign forever and ever.

And there is also a New Heaven and a New Earth, and the first Heaven and first Earth have passed away, and there is no longer any more Sea.

An Angel takes the Key To The Bottomless Pit, which had been brought down when the Star which held it fell, and he brings also with him a Great Chain, and he lays hold of the Red Dragon, that old Serpent which is the Devil and Satan, and binds him for a thousand years, and casts him into the Bottomless Pit, and shuts him up and sets a seal upon him.

And for one thousand years, while Satan is chained inside the Bottomless Pit, Christ reigns over the World, and reigning with him are all those who did not receive the Mark Of The Beast.

And at the end of the Thousand-Year Reign, the rest of the Dead are resurrected and live again, and Satan is brought up from the Bottomless Pit, and cast into the Lake Of Fire, where there is already the Beast and the False Prophet.  And Death and Hell are also cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the Second Death.

And He On The Great White Throne now proclaims, “It is done.”

… And so John The Revelator nears the end of his vision, and an Angel relays to him the words of Christ the Lord…

And behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give every man according to his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. I have sent mine Angel to testify unto you these things in the Churches. I am the Root and the offspring of David, and the Bright And Morning Star.

And John The Revelator replies, Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, ends John The Revelator, Amen.


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