Younger Edda… These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


While reading Snorri Sturluson’s Edda (aka Prose Edda, aka Younger Edda), I compiled a list of cool things mentioned in his book…

Cool Hammer… “Miollnir“– the hammer of Thor;  very powerful.  Thor has to wear iron gloves to wield it.

Cool Ship… “Skidbladnir“– the best ship in the world; belonged to Freyr (god of the sun, rain, and bountiful harvests)

Cool Government Surveillance… On Odin’s shoulders are often perched the ravens, Hugin and Munin, which fly out into the world and come back and tell him all the goings-on.

Cool Sword… “Dainsleif“– a sword made by dwarves; once it is unsheathed, it cannot be re-sheathed until is has been the death of someone

Cool Snack… “Idunn’s Apples” — by eating these apples, the god stay young

Cool Chick… “Freyia” — not just a goddess, but the feminine ideal

Cool Tough Guy… “Tyr” — god of battle; missing a hand, and still a badass

Cool Creatures… Frost Giants, Dwarves, and Dragons of course– and then there’s Iormungand— the serpent circling the earth and biting its own tail.

Cool Bad Guy… Loki — half-god, half-Frost-Giant; a cunning trickster; his own offspring include the terrible Fenniswolf and Hel… Hel who gives room and board to those who die of sickness or old age.

Cool Pick-Up Move… This one time, when Loki was trying to make a girl laugh, he used a cord to tie his own testicles to the beard of a goat… Neither he nor the poor goat could move without squealing in pain. The trick worked, I guess; the girl laughed.


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