Shakespearian Comedy: Stop, Stop! You’re Killing Me… Torturously

as you like it       shakes-yeah

So I read Shakespeare’s As You Like It… I’d like it in the fire please.

That’s the last Shakespearian comedy I’ll ever read (I’ve read a half-dozen or so).  With few exceptions, I just can’t get into The Bard’s so-called comedies.  I won’t vent farther in this post since I whined enough in my post on Love’s Labour’s Lost.  

Perhaps one day I’ll write about where and how Shakespeare FAILS as a playwright.  Of course that would involve a lot of re-reading, and I don’t even have enough life-span remaining to read the things I’ve never read but want to, so I guess it’s doubtful I’ll ever go back over the plays of Shakespeare in any sort of laborious way– especially the plays I don’t even like!

Don’t get me wrong– Shakes is actually my favorite scripter.  But I think the general accepted opinion is a little too UN-critical of the great writer, and I do so love to go against the generally accepted opinion!   


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