Induction Coils And Spark Plugs In An Internal Combustion Engine


Okay, if I’ve interpreted it correctly, this is how Spark Plug works…

The electrical system of the automobile contains Induction Coils through which runs electricity. This coursing electricity creates magnetic fields around the Induction Coils (the induction of a magnetic field by an electric current has long been known, though HOW this occurs has not, to my satisfaction at least, ever been fully explained).

Periodically, and in rapid succession, the flow of the electricity to the Induction Coils is broken and very quickly restored.  From what I gather from Wolfgang’s text, the breaking of the circuits connected to the Induction Coils is done by the Distributor. Looks to me like something is spinning around beneath the Distributor Cap, which is making and unmaking contact with several metal heads as it spins past them, thus completing and uncompleting the various circuits leading to the various Induction Coils.

Each Induction Coil appears to be associated with a Spark Plug.

When the Distributor breaks the circuit leading to an Induction Coil and the current is thereby stopped, the magnetic field induced by the current COLLAPSES.  This sudden collapse of the magnetic field has the effect of giving the nearby electrons a huge shove– in other words, a collapsing magnetic field induces an electric current (so would a growing magnetic field, by the way). Again, this is a phenomenon long known, but less than satisfactorily explained.

This flash of current produced by the collapsing magnetic field is visible as a spark as it crosses the gap of the Spark Plug. It is this spark which ignites the surrounding mist of gasoline and produces a small explosion which in turn propels the associated piston to “fire,” or move. Working together with the other pistons in a finely tuned, time-staggered process, the auto’s crankshaft is caused to turn in astoundingly smooth, dependable, and continuous way, propelling the car forward.

NOTE: I would greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me if my description of the internal combustion engine is off. There are several places in which I have used logical assumptions to fill-in the gaps of the explicit explanations provided me. I would feel bad to think I caused some kid to fail his auto mechanics test.


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