Maguire’s Wicked… Did Not induce My Sympathy Quickly Enough


Gregory Maguire’s Wicked left me holding the sympathy bag.  I came to the party ready to bond and emote, but found no one worthy of my love…

I was excited about the concept behind the novel, intrigued by the idea that we would get to hear about Dorothy’s trip through the Land Of Oz from the perspective of the Wicked Witch Of The West.  Perhaps Gregory would help readers understand the motivations of the Witch, maybe even cause us to identify with her situation.  And perhaps Maguire’s book does exactly this… Only, if it does, I never made it that far…

I like Maguire’s literary style well-enough.  It is descriptive and intelligent, as well as downright euphonic at times.  Strictly on a STYLE level, I think he’s probably one of the best wordsmiths I’ve read in a while.  And the book abounds with creativity and humor.  However, it turns out the characters and story just weren’t my cup of tea.  There was no point of view I could get into.  We meet an ignorant and adulterous wife and a narrow-minded, non-attentive husband.  Then we are treated to a gaggle of shallow college girls.  Not sure what comes after that.  The drama of co-ed social life was precisely NOT what I was in the mood for.

If the story ever gets made into movie, I’d probably give it a shot– well, except for the fact that it’s already been turned into a hit musical, which means that any movie will probably also be a musical, and well, I loathe musicals (there are exceptions… does O Brother Where Art Thou? count as a musical?).


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