The Return Of The Ether

Scientists today will not use the word, Ether. The concept of the Ether fell out of fashion once scientists decided that Light, unlike sound or water waves, does not need a medium to promulgate. The Ether then became unnecessary (in those days, of two equally sound theories, scientists still preferred the simpler one).

Yet, in spite of considering the Ether a superfluous concept, scientists were soon again thinking of space as something more than a mere void. Several generally accepted theories today depend upon either the “curvature” of space or the ability of space to act as the fecund soil from which different species from the Quantum Zoo pop into existence (or quasi-existence).

Good philosophy starts with proper definitions. We advance in our reasoning in so far as we can call things by their right names– and by “right names,” I mean those names which connote the appropriate characteristics and relationships of the named entity.

Space is not a void, and it is not treated as such by many physicists. The way forward in any situation is to first acknowledge the true state of affairs– not how it used to be, not how you wish it would be, but as it is. Facts is facts:  Space is not a void.  The Ether has returned.


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