Hammering Shield’s Theory Of Sunlight Photons

I wrote in a previous post (here) of how Sunlight works. But the question has arisen… if Sunlight is emitted in radiating spheres… whyfore PHOTONS? I think I have an answer…

Imagine all the tiny nuclear reactions taking place on the Sun at the corpuscular level. These corpuscles are so close, that their radiating spheres of Energy are almost superimposed over each other… almost. As near to being on top of each other as the tiny radiating corpuscles are, they still each have their own, distinct place in space. No matter how much the different energy emissions overlap… there will be one moving point in space that each sphere will have all to itself. This is because (and here I admit I’m assuming a perfectly shaped globe) every point on the surface of a globe such as the Sun is the farthermost point in some direction. A corpuscle on this point that emits a Sphere Of Energy will have a point on the frontier of that sphere which will remain forever (until interfered with) on the line of that particular direction and “out front” of any other emitted spheres. I call this point the “apex” of a sphere. No matter how much “our” Energy Sphere is interfered with by other Energy spheres being emitted from the surface of the globe of the Sun, this “apex” point of energy will not be touched. Why? The answer’s kinda cool really…

We must keep in mind that the spheres are radiating at the Speed Of Light. This is the speed limit of the universe. As soon as a sphere of energy is created, no other sphere of the surface of the Sun can catch up to it… all other spheres are “behind” it, relative to its apex-directed motion. Likewise, the Apex of Our Sphere can never catch up with any other energy released by the Sun and be interfered with that way. Spheres of energy can expand and run into each other in ways sorta sideways or oblique, but our apex point is safe. Well, except for one situation…

If a sphere of energy has been emitted behind Our Emitter at exactly the right instant, the frontier of that energy can sweep by our Apex energy point at precisely the instant it emerges and interfere with it. Otherwise, as I said, out little Apex energy point will be in the clear.

This escaping Apex energy point is what we perceive as a photon.

THE PROBLEM WITH THIS THEORY, one of them at least, is this… What is meant by “interference?” Can Pure Energy annihilate Pure Energy? Where does it go? Are Pure Energy interactions allowed to violate the law of conservation of mass and energy?

Furthermore, there’s this mind-boggling outcome if my theory of the photon is true… if the uncountable Energy Spheres released by the Sun’s corpuscles in every instant are interfering with each other so much that only a single point from each one actually manages to escape… think how much energy the Sun is producing only to immediately annihilate it! Over 99.9% of all energy the Sun creates would be gone soon after creation!

The thought of this immense annihilation of Energy is sorta awesome in one way, but in another way, it is disheartening… Seems to me it is a warning flag for my theory… for Nature, as a rule, doesn’t seem to be that wasteful.


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