The Great Firewall Of China, Briefly


What has been called the “Great Firewall Of China” is, as Richard Baum informs us, a “system of governmental regulations, automated Web filters, and human surveillance designed to censor unwanted internet content” in China.

Part of the immense system consists of two “cartoon cybercop icons” named Jingjing and Chacha.  Jingjing and Chacha appear on the computer screen to remind internet uses avoid “unhealthy” content on the web.

Furthermore, Baum informs us in The Fall And Rise Of China that the State Council’s Information Office has recruited “tens of thousands of internet police” (collectively known to many by the slang term, “Big Mama”), and there additionally exists a force composed of thousands of student-monitors on college campuses.  These monitors “have been hired to scrutinize postings in chatrooms and on electronic bulletin boards and blogsites and to report offenders.” 


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