It’s *ALL* Straight Lines and One-or-Zero

I find it intriguing that many basic elements of Nature do not have what I call “full opposites.”  Here’s a few examples (I ignore the wishful thinking of certain quantum theorists):  There is Light and there is Heat, but there is no Anti-Light, or Anti-Heat… There is only absence of Light or absence of Heat.  Many physicists also believe in something called “Force”- but there are no Anti-Forces (sorry quantum kids, hate to spoil your equations)… there is only absence of Force, or oppositional Forces.

I also find it intriguing that despite all the circular motion so apparent in the Universe, nothing actually moves in a curve.  All motion is in a straight line (we here set aside Curved Space considerations).

If acted upon by another body (or “Force”), something can be knocked into a new straight line.  And if this knocking is of a certain sort and is fairly uniform, then it can generate what appears on the macro-scale as a smooth curve… but at the smallest level, the object which is apparently moving in a smooth curve is actually being constantly tugged through a series of connected straight paths.

If, mentally, we magnified an apparently curved path down to the smallest abstract space which can be idealized, we would encounter in our imagination an object moving from Point A to Point B to Point C– each movement an infinitesimally small STRAIGHT line (again, setting aside Curved Space situations).


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