He’s No Einstein… At Least Not In This Book


Rarely have I been as disappointed in a book as I was in The World As I See It by Albert Einstein.  

It’s a cheap rip-off, shameful sham of unoriginal material regurgitated and slapped upon the page by what I suppose were the mid-twentieth century’s version of Einstein’s “handlers.”  The book is a threadbare quilt of stitched-together pieces taken second-hand from all sorts of sources from Einstein’s files and/or trashbins:  there are notes he had written for obituaries, letters he had sent, eulogies he had prepared, excerpts from already-published articles and from previously sold books.

And what did the man oversold as the century’s greatest genius have to say that was so good they needed to re-issue it to the world?  Tripe.  Disappointing tripe.

Einstein here talks like a child– or worse, like a celebrity do-gooder-taking “bold” stands against such things as:  corporate greed, war atrocities, and political intrigue.  He might even have went out on a limb and said starvation was bad, I can’t remember.

He speaks naively of complex things.  He seems to think it an easy thing to guarantee that everyone on Earth be granted the same situation that we granted him–  one great big playtime life.

Do I judge him harshly?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Too harshly?  I dare contend I do not.  After all… this is friggin Einstein!  I expect a little more of a book from the sungod king of twentieth century physics than wishful thinking and fairy tale solutions.

You wanna bring peace to the Middle East, Albert?  You shoulda won a beauty pageant so you could express your deep views to judges paid to pretend to be taking what you’re saying seriously.

In my next post, my steam blown-off a bit, I hope to talk about some of the important subjects Einstein brought up, even if he did not go into great philosophical depth in his discussion of them in his artificial book.


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