Meister Eckhart In Love


The above graphic has little to do with Eckhart, but I found it on Wiki Commons and thought it was a really cool idea.  Certainly a conversation starter (or ender, if your friends aren’t philosophers!)  Although, since a good Buddhist is not supposed to be attached to things in this world, I have to question the Buddha’s placement in the Love circle.  My guess is that Eckhart would fit in on the Wisdom side.  Eckhart does, indeed, speak of Love (see end of this post), but, if you’ll pardon the expression, his heart’s not in it.  For Eckhart, God and Being are very cerebral experiences.

There is more to explore in the Medieval philosophy of Meister Eckhart, but as I hope to read again from his works some day, I am moving on to other topics now.

For the first time, I have fallen behind in my 300-Book reading schedule, and I’ll need to figure out how to be a bit more efficient in the coming months.

Generally speaking, at least going by the material I have seen so far, I find Eckhart’s philosophy boils down to that of Augustine and Aquinas with Vedic mysticism laid over-top.

By the 21st century, many of us find all this “we are all part of the great Oneness” mystical mumbo jumbo ringing a little hollow and very much unoriginal, but we should remember that Eckhart practically started the mysticism train running through Christian philosophy.  He is really a founding father of all New-Agey Christian thought.  And if you don’t need Christ mixed into your theosophy, then you can pretty much skip Eckhart and go straight to the source:  the Vedas of Eastern philosophy.

I thought that I would leave you with two quotations from Eckhart as I step away from his works.  Both of them are on LOVE:

“Love does not unite, not in any way.  What is already united, it holds together.”


“If you love your true Self, you love all men as your true Self.  So long as you love anyone less than your true Self, you have not attained True Love.”



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