Hourly Life-Philosophy Reminders


I came up with the following poem because I’ve been having trouble applying– in the heat of the moment –the wisdom I’ve read through the years.  Then I remembered that religions often have rituals that (whether they realize why they do it or not) help adherents to stay mindful of their faith.  This, I think, makes it a little easier to put into practice what their best selves know is right.  So I bought a watch that chimes the hour, and I’ve matched every hour with some bit of wisdom which I’ve also put into rhyme.  My intention is to say the appropriate rhyme to myself whenever I catch the sound of the chime.  If nothing else, it was a good exercise for me.




00  Hour Of The MOON

the moon does not try to outshine the sun

blinding, he’s never, and burn he gives none


01  Hour Of The CAT

replace Partial Yes for absolute No

as the cat who won’t stay, though far will not go


02  Hour Of The OWL

the sensible owl does rarely decree

but uses his questions in order to see


03  Hour Of The STARS

silent the stars as they travel and shine

doing their work without nagging or whine


04  Hour Of The LIGHTNING

no passive aggression in lightning’s bolt

accepting the storm— or else giving jolt


05  Hour Of The WIND

speak no ill that will busy the wind

sharp words turn their teeth and bite you in the end


06  Hour Of The ROBIN

notice the good as the red-breasted bird

who gives her glad song without critical word


07  Hour Of The ANT

the ant does not claim to be axis of Earth

“I statements” few has he uttered since birth


08  Hour Of The SQUIRREL

the squirrel is too busy gathering-in

to punish each beast for insult or sin


09  Hour Of The EAGLE

the eagle sees well, though high over land

he knows what he focuses on will expand


10  Hour Of The COW

when angered, count three before you dare speak

as the cow who ruminates, tongue in her cheek


11  Hour Of The SEABIRD

if the seabird worried what lies ahead

twould faint exhausted and strike the sea dead


12  Hour Of The SUN

feelings are true whether anger or fright;

give comfort to all as sun shares its light


13  Hour Of The APPLETREE

give more than requested to the poor plea

and groan as much as the kind appletree


14  Hour Of The DOGWOOD

calm is the dogwood, come Spring late or soon

ready to blossom in March or in June


15  Hour Of The OAK

while in the storm or during the drought

how tough it is, the oak will find out


16  Hour Of The CLOUD

if someone complains at something you’ve done

it’s likely because you’re clouding their sun


17  Hour Of The SPIDER

the crafty spider has wisdom to know

when it’s time to mend, and it’s time to go


18  Hour Of The SNAKE

the snake must crawl for it has no legs

villains are but cripples, too proud to beg


19  Hour Of The PARROT

the parrot’s words earn it food without fear;

from no need to say, but from our need to hear


20  Hour Of The RABBIT

punishment breeds self-pity, defiance

the love of the rabbit breeds family alliance


21  Hour Of The FIREFLY

the firefly floats as night’s happy spark

lighting a candle, not cursing the dark


22  Hour Of The FOX

yell at the fox and he will then fly

returning for dinner and smiling sly


23  Hour Of The PEARL

the pearl is content, its beauty to hide

quietly confident, no wounded pride


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